Managed IT & Security Services

Our extensive range of managed services are tailored to grow with your organization and are guaranteed to satisfy the demands of your industry long into the future. We offer full-scope IT and cybersecurity consulting, intrusion prevention and detection, backup solutions, SIEM management, and much more. Our certified professionals are at your service 24/7/365.

Penetration Testing & Web Security

We are a trusted provider of advanced penetration testing and code vulnerability auditing for web, distributed, and internal applications. We will find the perfect solutions to fit your budget and risk level whether you require a simple vulnerability audit or comprehensive double-blind testing + static analysis of an application's code base.

HIPAA & PCI DSS Compliance

We offer HIPAA Compliance auditing, PCI DSS Compliance Auditing, and general fraud prevention services. The cost of HIPAA and PCI violations can easily cripple your organization. We have found that almost every company we audit is found to have minor violations that are free to remedy, these are the same violations that would cost you millions of dollars if ignored.

Digital Forensics & Data Recovery

Digital forensics can be summarized as the recovery, analysis, and reporting of data. Forensics can be something as simple as indexing data from a set of disks, or it can be something as advanced as breaking cryptographically secured data-sets. Most of our work consists of recovering deleted or corrupted files, big-data correlation & analysis to isolate the important data, and much more.

Crisis Management & Recovery

When you suspect a data-breach has occurred, you must respond immediately in order to minimize damages and prevent additional losses. Whether you have experienced an attack, employee data theft, or anything else that threatens the security of your systems, it is important to take the proper steps to prevent and potentially reverse damages. We always strive for the lowest possible recovery time.

Identity & Access Control

We offer a wide range of physical access control and secure document printing solutions. We have a large base of proprietary anti-fraud and anti-forgery methods that we have innovated upon after decades of R&D in the security printing field. Some of these include low cost TLI imagery, raised type, magnetic inks, OVI printing, custom OVI Inks, traditional + digital microprinting , VLI, and much more.